Sunday, August 30, 2009

Happy birthday Jacko

Today is Michael Jackson's Birth day

Happy birthday Jacko
A tribute to
Michael Jackson

I love him. The whole world fell in love with Michael Jackson, In the early seventies, Michael along with his brothers, the Jackson 5, were the hottest success.

Michael Jackson took celebrity marketing to a new level
I don't usually write about pop culture, or about tragedies in the news. But the Michael Jackson brand has just exploded. The PR, the news, the fans, the talk shows, He is everywhere.

His fans are crazy about him. They still think he is not dead. I don’t know about that, but as a brand …brand Michael is getting bigger and bigger.

Michael Jackson is dead. As far as I am concerned, the Michael Jackson I loved died a long time ago. What went on 25th June was just nothing.

What was Michael's problem, you might wonder. He had talent, he had money, he had fame, he had fans. he had 'everything, most of us can only dream about.

Deep down inside, Michael hated himself.

That's why he underwent a million surgeries.
That's why he was taking painkillers, on which it is believed he died.

What he never realised was …

"Learning to love yourself... is the greatest love of all"

P.S.- he was the greatest entertainer that ever lived and he was incomparable with any other artist. He was a phenomenon in his own right. He was a true humanitarian who contributed world

Author : Sanjay


  1. hey sanjay

    I was a great fan of michael too but i didnt realise when my craze for him died.And i totally agree with this quote "Learning to love yourself... is the greatest love of all"
    infact if one doesnt love himself then he should never expect others to love him....!!!

    nice write!!!
    keep up the good work.



  2. Hey Dude !
    Appreciate the tribute...

    Read this in a book...don't remember which one.
    Say's.."When you can get everything you want,it's hard to know what you want...."

  3. A scattered but interesting article. A nice flow would have moved me to tears. Anyhow... I think all of us are some times under the illusion that artists ARE their art, which is a farce and an illusion we love to believe. Art is the best expression of an artist's emotions and experiences.
    Hats off for being so regular.



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