Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Go digital ASAP

Nokia announced plans to promote N97 Mini (they have even slashed the price of N97 Mini) using digital promotions and plans not to spend a single money on traditional media.

The possibilities with digital marketing are endless.

Digital marketing will bring a revolution. The rules of the business will be changed forever.

As the Indian market is growing and getting matured the competition in every sector is getting intense. Companies are emphasising more on creating value and reducing cost. Every rupee spent on marketing is being accounted for.

So what do marketers do? The solution lies with digital marketing.

For every rupee spent on e-mail marketing there is a return on investment of rupees 47. (According to direct marketing association)

Email Marketing, a part of digital marketing is one of the most powerful and effective forms of marketing today. It has emerged as a cost-effective, efficient, real time marketing channel challenging the traditional methods of customer contact. No other medium – offline or online – provides marketers with such a direct, personal, interactive and measurable customer communication.

The advantage of email marketing is that you can have a stronger segmentation of the target group, which can be really narrowed down and every marketing activity can be monitored in no time.

One of the reasons why India has not been able to realise this simple fact, is because of its lack of marketing legacy. We are a country where people could wait for a Bajaj Chetak for months to be delivered. And right now when there is suddenly so much of competition among brands the old marketer is not able to understand the how to go about things.

Moreover companies sold brands to masses rather to individuals

Marketers need to adapt themselves and be a part of this change.

You have two kinds of companies here – those that have stayed away thinking digital marketing and social media are all hype. Well, could be…but do you know, your brand is being discussed, debated and sometimes torn apart on these social media networks.

There’s a lot more happening for many other brands online – not just on twitter, but on message boards, review websites like Mouth shut, blog comments, YouTube comments and so on.

Mistri Diagnosis: India has forth largest users of internet.81 million of the population uses internet which is just 7.1% of entire population. The number is increasing every hour. The growing online population and the increasing demand from consumers for more personalized needs, requires marketers to address these requirements quickly. It is only possible through digital marketing.
If you believe in word of mouth Now consumers have a fantastic cribbing zone called social media.
Forget word of mouth…here comes "word of mouse"

Author: Sanjay Mahar

Monday, January 18, 2010

Personalised dog from Vodafone

With so many mobile operators and n number of tariff plans have you ever wondered that the plan you are using is the best plan for you.

Here is some great news from Vodafone,
The new TVC(click to view) from Vodafone says customers can dial 121 and get free advices or detailed information on recharges and tariff offers that will be best for them. It is based on the analysis of various parameters like customers balance, validity, current status and usage pattern.

Vodafone understands that in a country with so much diversity each and every subscriber is different from other and their usage patterns are also different.

So marketers have come out with a brilliant idea of personalising your plan based on your usage pattern.
If you don’t like pug you can have another dog of your choice that suits you..lol

Mistri Diagnosis

To succeed, brands must be adaptable and constructed around the lives of consumers. They can’t present themselves in a single, constant way. They need to focus on individual targets.

Think of it as brand personalization. More narrowly defined brands meet consumers at their level, allowing them to influence and feel ownership in the brand. They are purposely inconsistent in order to achieve relevancy with specific customer segments. Traditional marketing, of course, doesn’t allow much room for customization

Do you want your brand to be liked, or loved? highlighting the simple fact that brands are owned by people not brand managers

Author: Sanjay Mahar
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