Monday, January 18, 2010

Personalised dog from Vodafone

With so many mobile operators and n number of tariff plans have you ever wondered that the plan you are using is the best plan for you.

Here is some great news from Vodafone,
The new TVC(click to view) from Vodafone says customers can dial 121 and get free advices or detailed information on recharges and tariff offers that will be best for them. It is based on the analysis of various parameters like customers balance, validity, current status and usage pattern.

Vodafone understands that in a country with so much diversity each and every subscriber is different from other and their usage patterns are also different.

So marketers have come out with a brilliant idea of personalising your plan based on your usage pattern.
If you don’t like pug you can have another dog of your choice that suits

Mistri Diagnosis

To succeed, brands must be adaptable and constructed around the lives of consumers. They can’t present themselves in a single, constant way. They need to focus on individual targets.

Think of it as brand personalization. More narrowly defined brands meet consumers at their level, allowing them to influence and feel ownership in the brand. They are purposely inconsistent in order to achieve relevancy with specific customer segments. Traditional marketing, of course, doesn’t allow much room for customization

Do you want your brand to be liked, or loved? highlighting the simple fact that brands are owned by people not brand managers

Author: Sanjay Mahar

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