Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sponsors of tomorrow are fake

Intel the computer chip maker, has launched an integrated branding campaign using the theme, “Sponsors of Tomorrow”.

From this TVC the company wants to reposition itself, as the company is transforming from microprocessor company to platforms and solutions company

While watching t20 world cup you must have come across the TVC of Intel which features Ajay Bhatt, the co-inventor of USB, who is a rock star at Intel because of his achievements. In a humorous way, the TVC shows women glancing over him when he walks in to get coffee and men are eagerly waiting to get his autograph. The TVC ends with the line: ‘Our rock stars aren’t like your rock stars’.

Brilliant commercial I liked it Except for one thing the Ajay Bhatt in the commercial is not the actual Ajay Bhatt who invented USB that’s an commercial actor ,and if you compare the engineer rock star to the real Ajay Bhatt the actor looks — hmm, a stereotype of an Indian Engineer.”

If Intel says that our rock stars aren’t like your rock stars’, then why do they have to use an actor for the TVC, in a way they are contradicting themselves,

Mistri Diagnosis

They should have used Ajay Bhatt to act for the commercial that would have made more sense and their communication would have been in-sync with the commercial as this would have raised the credibility of the communication. Until the viewers know that the person named as Ajay Bhatt in the commercial is not the original person, they regard the ad to be effective but once they come to know that he is an actor and not the original Ajay Bhatt, their perception about the brand changes and an question arises as to why didn’t Intel use the real Ajay Bhatt in the commercial.

Author: Sanjay

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  1. Of course ...ADS are all about projections. Never the reality.

    Secondly, putting real Mr Bhatt would have created privacy issues for him. Of course , such a talented guy can be lured by other companies or even at point of terrorist.


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