Saturday, May 9, 2009

I am delighted...

Today businesses are sustained by customers. Satisfied customers keep a business afloat while delighted customers make it grow by leaps and bounds.

This makes more sense during the time of economic slowdown, marketers should try to exceed customer expectations and create customer delight.

That is what exactly Vodafone has done…

If you have prepaid subscription it may have happened many a times that you were unable to complete an important conversation. So many words remain unsaid as you were not able to buy a new refill. Well, Vodafone comes up with an amazing innovative solution which exceeds customer expectations.

Vodafone is offering a little bit extra just when you need it the most. Vodafone subscribers will now get a Credit of Rs. 10. If you are a Vodafone prepaid subscriber with a balance less than Rs. 5 then take advantage of this offer. Just sms CREDIT on the toll free number 144 and Rs. 10 will be credited to your account.

I am a Vodafone user and I am delighted

Mistri Diagnosis:
“Consumer is no longer the King. He is God,”
The marketers need to listen to the instructions of consumers and accordingly build their brand around them.
People don’t really need advertising, services drive the best brands not traditional advertising. There is a need to bring in innovation. Brands have to be honest and relevant and need to reach out to people.

Author: Sanjay


  1. A concept that every marketer would adhere to(Consumer = God) which is well put across.
    But is there a line that should be drawn which helps in differentiating consumer delight from SPOILING the consumers?


  2. As long as marketing objectives are met and sales figures are rising, marketers should try their best to pamper, spoil and delighting the consumer...

    After all consumer is the god...


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