Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New India vs. political class

INMA World Congress in Beverly Hills, California awarded lead India campaign as the 'Best of Show' award for community service also picked up the first prize in the 'Brand Awareness Across Platforms', the 'New Brand / Production/ Audience Development', and 'Public Relations and Community services' categories.

The emphasis of lead India campaign is on new India vs. the political class. Is it fair that a country as young as Independent India should be governed by the oldest set of Parliamentarians in the world?

In this general election more than any other time, there seen to be a complete disconnect between politics and the new reality. The nearly 20 million new voters of 1991 have grown up in an India where possibilities are endless. More important they believe that tomorrow has to be better than today.

This election is the first in which men and women born in 1991 will cast their votes. This new generation has grown up in an era of liberalisation and globalisation. Seen against the rise of 300 million middle class. It is clear that consumer economy is taking root.

The major concerns of today’s youth are burgeoning middle class, a slowing economy. Creeping intolerance, a terrorist challenge and a growing voice in the world. Yet the issues being raised in the campaign are largely about caste and religion. The debate is about yesterday not even about today…

Mistry Diagnosis:

I call these political campaigns as a marketing mix disaster. Considerable flaw in targeting and positioning…Karnataka will vote tomorrow and its upto the youth to take charge It is a myth that being small in number, educated civil society cannot influence electoral outcomes. Most of us are not motivated to engage with the political class. Many abstain from voting because they believe that they are small force to change the ways of Indian politics.

Victory margins are narrowing, so every vote makes a difference.

Author: Sanjay


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